C-Level Executives And Other Highly Compensated Employees Typically Have A Gap In Coverage.




What is guaranteed issue disability insurance?

A benefit program implemented in a white collar company setting that provides individual disability policies that are fully portable to eligible employees.

A benefit program that can be designed for a subset of employees as an executive benefit.

Can be implemented anytime of the year, no need to wait for open enrollment. program.

A higher employee participation provides a higher benefit amount. The company is simply the conduit to implement the program.

Provides a fast, efficient implementation process with little to no medical underwriting.

Why Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance?

Company provided group disability insurance and government provided social security disability benefits are simply not enough for executives and highly compensated employees.

Company provided group disability is a great foundation but every plan has limitations and are not portable.

Group disability plans typically do not include incentive compensation such as bonuses and commissions.

Group disability plans usually have a maximum benefit period of two years for certain disabling conditions.

Many people would never qualify for a fully underwritten disability policy without exclusions. Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance eliminates the need for medical underwriting.

Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

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