Lifetime Insurance Planning is an integrated insurance firm with a focus on two areas:

White Collar Disability Insurance & Employee Benefits

White Collar Disability Insurance is focused on educating companies and implementing disability solutions for executives and other highly compensated employees. While approximately half of companies offer some sort of disability coverage this is simply not adequate coverage to protect employee’s income, their livelihood, and their ability to protect their families.

The purpose of long term disability insurance is to cover 60% of income. Group disability plans are inherently flawed as they do not adequately cover executives and other higher income earners. Implementing a Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance program allows for a combination of group coverage and individual coverage. This is the most cost-efficient way of obtaining comprehensive disability insurance coverage.

The result? Eligible employees receive individual policies that are fully portable, with guaranteed premiums, that are non-cancellable, with no exclusions for past medical issues, and without limitations for the cause of a disability. Many people would never qualify for individual disability insurance without an exclusion. This is the true power and value of Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance.



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